Code Schools

Code Schools prepare aspiring programmers for new careers in software development.

Code schools are accelerated learning programs that will prepare you for a career in software development. Each school listed below ranges in length, vary in tuition costs, and in programming languages. Desirable from an employer's standpoint, code schools are founded by software developers who saw a need for more programmers and aspired to teach the next generation.

We encourage you to check out the schools below, do your research, and ask fellow software developers in Slack.

VA Approved Schools

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Code School Scholarships

Many respective code schools offer military/veterans discounts to make coding education more accessible to those who've worn the uniform and served our country. Apply now and get coding:

The Guild Of Software Architects (Texas)

The Guild of Software Architects offers 50% off tuition ($3000 scholarships) for veterans AND their spouses for their 12 week immersive code bootcamps. Learn more...

Thinkful (online)

Thinkful partnered with Operation Code to offer scholarships for the Web Development Career Path program. Recipients receive $400 off each month they're enrolled for the scholarship to apply. Learn more...

Sabio (Los Angeles)

Sabio enables Operation Code veterans to get a full-time career in coding in six months all while earning credits towards an undergraduate degree. New GI Bill is an option for non-BA degree holders. Learn more...

Launch School (online)

Launch School is offering Operation Code veterans two full scholarships to one male veteran, and another scholarship to a female veteran. Learn more...

Bloc (online)

Bloc's Web Developer Track offers all veterans $1,000 tuition credit with the remainder of the tuition through financing. Learn more...

The Flatiron School (New York City)

New York City-based, Flatiron School provides up to $25,000 in scholarships for Operation Code veterans to participate in the Learn-Verified program which includes, $500 off the first month's tuition for the first 50 eligible applicants. Not sure about committing full-time? Sign up for, an online platform to get introduced to web development and Ruby on Rails. If you get stuck, join the #learn-dot-co channel in our Slack. Learn more...

Startup Institute (Boston and NYC)

Startup Institute offers all veterans an automatic $1,000 off the cost of their full-time program. Train to work in the innovation economy in the areas of web development, web design, digital marketing, or sales and account management. Additional scholarships are also available for: Women in Tech, People of Color in Tech, Seasoned Professional in Tech (age 40+), and Excellence in STEM. Learn more...

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