Need more Operation Code in your life? From conventions to tech meetups, we are where you are! There are 7,000+ members across more than 20 states!

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Sponsoring a meetup ensures we have access to:

Education materials
Workspaces for meetups
Food for longer meetups
Nell Shamrell-Harrington gives a talk at Chef in Seattle

From classes, to hackathons, to contributing to open source projects as a group. Our meetups are just one way we engage with our veterans and our community. Wanna help out? Find out how you can sponsor us, from food, to educational materials, and a space for us to meet.

Hosting us at events helps us:

Raise awareness of our cause
Incentivize membership
Champion underrepresented groups

Not only are we working to get veterans into tech, we are also working to raise awareness of vets in the job market. From technical knowledge to diversity, we’re not only a community of veterans, we also house a group of content experts in our chosen field.

David Molina presents Operation Code at OSCON

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