Meet Victor Molina. Victor deployed with the 1st Marines to Iraq in 2003. He's worked in construction since and now wants to learn to code.

In our first Operation Code 2015 video, we interview veterans, code school graduates and partner code school directors.

Seattle-based, Code Fellows CEO, Kristin Smith explains why veterans will not just make good coders, but excellent coders.

Portland-based, Cris Kelly and Director at The Portland Code School on two major things employers look for that vets have.

Portland-based, Michael Kaiser-Nyman and Founder at Epicodus on challenges applying for accreditation when software curriculum evolves so quickly.

NYC-based, The Flatiron School's Co-Founder & CEO, Adam Enbar on why no piece of software was created by one person and why veterans are masters of teamwork.

Colorado-based, The Turing School of Software & Design Co-Founder & Dean, Jorge Tellez explains the two missing pieces: room & board.

Nuatu Tssegai, U.S. Air National Guard Veteran & Epicodus graduate on how Operation Code helped him gain more exposure to tech industry events.

Navy veteran & Plunk co-founder & CEO, Josh Carter on why coding is the new 21st century literacy.

Navy veteran & Code Fellows Portland graduate, Ron Floyd on struggles for transitioning out of the military--makes you feel there are no other opportunities out there.

Air Force veteran & Portland Code School graduate, Marko Nikolovski on post-sequestration and unemployment: code school gave me a lifeline.

Former Army Ranger and Officer, Lukas Cioffi & Co-Founder & CEO of Virginia-based, QiqoChat: "I would have benefited tremendously from a mentor."

Air Force Officer Jason Noren: "I hold two degrees. Don't need a third, need practical skills and coding offers that."

Navy veteran, Dean Laurea, on going from cook to coder and the challenges that come with learning a new trade.

Navy veteran, Bob Howard on self-teaching himself programming until he can go to code school.