Software Mentorship Program

Program Overview

Operation Code's Software Mentorship Program connects transitioning military, citizen-soldiers, veterans and their families with professional software developers for life-long learning and understanding. Paired online in our peer-to-peer learning environment, you can select any programming language/stack of your choice.

The program is designed to support your pursuit of becoming a software developer. Additionally, we have a thriving #free-code-camp study group, and location-based communities, from #seattle to #washingtondc to meet others locally in your area and organize Operation Code meetups..

Navy veteran and board member, Josh Carter on the new 21st century literacy skill.

Live Software Mentorship

Below is an example of our #javascript channel in action where a member of our community inquired about a component of her code in her web application that wasn't working properly and the response from one of our volunteer JavaScript experts:

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Importance of Mentorship
Former Army Ranger and Officer, Lukas Cioffi & Co-Founder & CEO of Virginia-based, QiqoChat: "I would have benefited tremendously from a mentor."