In-kind donations from the startup and developer community allow Operation Code to focus on our mission. We are deeply grateful for these companies, entrepreneurs and developers who have our back.


Airbnb is the world's largest community-driven hospitality company. With unique listings in 190 countries, travelers can belong anywhere, Airbnb sponsored our stay during SignalConf 2015 providing a safe place to rest and code from.

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The world's leader in domain registration and management that makes developers lives a breeze, is graciously hosted here thanks to the founder, Anthony Eden, who didn't hesitate when we first got off the ground (and his personal tech support).

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hack.hands() is live 24/7 programming support. When we asked the co-founders, Forest Good and Geraldo Ramos, for some design help they went above and beyond creating Operation Code logo so we could better brand ourselves.

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hack.summit() is the world's largest virtual conference for developers. Operation Code received passes so that our veterans could attend for free and learn from programming language creators, open source contributors, and thought leaders in software.

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Ivan Storck

Web developer, teacher, entrepreneur and co-founder of Code Fellows, Ivan secured and donated and other domains for Operation Code and always provides his expertise to the leadership team.

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Nick Frost

Navy veteran, entrepreneur, startup advisor and founder of, Nick secured and donated the @operation_code Twitter handle and volunteers his time and expertise on the Operation Code governing board of directors.

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Ruby on Ales

An annual two-day single track rubyist conference in the mountains of central Oregon, Ruby on Ales organizers provide scholarships to introduce Operation Code veterans to the Ruby programming language, network with ruby peers, and get to know Bend.

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The developer conference for communications created by Twilio, Signal provided 2015 conference scholarships to introduce Operation Code veterans to the Twilio platform, network with peers, and get to know San Francisco for two intensive days.

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PIN-less conference call app, Speakeasy, allows the board of directors to get on the same page quickly and efficiently every month, staff and volunteers coordinate moving parts, and one call line for support.

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Through our partnership with O'Reilly Media, Operation Code gains access to technology books, online services, magazines, research, and tech conferences that help our members get ahead.

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Sticker Mule

The leader in custom and die cut stickers, custom magnets, Sticker Mule donated stickers to help decorate MacBook Airs everywhere.

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Digital Ocean

Cloud infrastructure provider that provisions virtual servers for software developers with an emphasis on building a product that developers love.

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