The fastest way for military, veterans and their families to get coding.

Veteran-founded and led, our military veterans community of coders and volunteer software developers can help you get unstuck, learn a new programming language and contributing to open source software in no time.

In the United States over 200,000 computing jobs open annually and 30,000 are filled by Computer Science graduates; however, that number is expected to rise to 1.2 million by 2020. Meanwhile, we have 250,000 U.S. military personnel that exit the service annually, including some because of sequestration. Currently, there are almost 500,000 unemployed veterans with over 70,000 of us between the ages of 25 and 34, which is the typical age of separation, as of 2015 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

When you join our ranks you'll be joining our growing military veterans coding community. In Slack, you'll network, share resources, find job opportunities, get help with your code, and become eligible for conference scholarships and coding scholarships. Together we are Operation Code.


Save Time

Like our days in the military, time on target is key. Hack and pair program with a software mentor at no-cost. You've already served and it's our way of saying thank you.


Hands-on Coding

We use Slack, a real-time communication app to post questions and answers, and share snippets of code. When that doesn't work, we can jump on a Screenhero and pair program even faster sharing screens.


Expert Insights

Our software mentors work the full spectrum from tech startups to defense federal contractors with one thing in common: ensuring our military veterans learn the new 21st century literacy skill.


Nurturing Space

Our active community of military and veterans open source software & hardware enthusiasts help you gain real-world app experience, share job opportunities, conference scholarships, and opportunities to build on your military experience.

Programs & Services

At Operation Code, we're dedicated to ensuring our nation's finest and their families don't get left behind in the 21st century new skills economy through our uniquely tailored programs & services.


Software Mentorship

Our peer-to-peer software mentorship program is uniquely designed to support you in your transition to tech and the world of software all remotely, all online. All branches, levels welcome. How we mentor.

Scholarship Program

Through scholarships from participating code schools and industry software conferences, we provide an avenue to gain access and accelerate your transition to a career as a software developer. Learn more.

Employer Services

Beyond providing feedback on your resumé, we provide intros to software companies to get your foot in the door and pursue a career in a fast-paced and exciting industry that is growing by the day. About our employer services.


Our in-house web development team employs military veterans to build websites and web applications while returning profits back into our nonprofit organization to build organizational capacity. Meet the team.



In a world where the majority of code schools are not accredited by the VA, we'll defend veterans who might be taken advantage of while continuing to support code schools with state and VA accreditation. Get in touch.

Why Operation Code?

Produced and directed by Columbia School of Journalism graduate, Teresa Mahoney, the Operation Code video highlights what is coding, what are code schools and the struggle our nation's finest face when returning home to transition to software careers.

Upcoming Conferences

GitHub Universe

13-15 September, San Francisco

The event for people building the future of software. Three days filled with the creativity and curiosity of the largest software community in the world. Why attend?

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