Branding Guide

For external organizations, corporate sponsors and press, please obtain specific guidance and approval from the Director of Communications prior to using Operation Code Branding on public platforms. You may email your request to

General Guidelines

The size ratio between the star and the medallion changes depending on the size of reproduction. Please make use of the appropriate sized logo when creating collateral.

In most cases, use the blue-accent version of the logo. The red-accent is delivered for special uses only.

Please note: Images may appear larger or smaller than they appear on your device, but the files linked are "large" or "small" as described.

View Operation Code's Storybook Component Library here.

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  • Small Logos

    For use when Operation Code's logo name is between 0-1 inch in height. In most cases, use the Original Small Logo. The Stacked Small Logo is to be used where graphics needs are larger in vertical height than horizontal width with the Operation Code logo name still under 1 inch in height.

      • Blue
        Small Blue Accented Logo
      • Red
        Small Red Accented Logo
      • Slate
        Small Unaccented Logo
      • White
        Small White Accented Logo
    • Stacked Logos

      Use the Large Stacked Original logo in areas where you have more vertical space than horizontal. Only use the Red Stacked Logo for special holidays such as Thanksgiving, fall events, and Christmas. The Light Stacked Logo is to be used with dark or contrasting bright colored backgrounds.

      • Blue
        Large Stacked Original
      • Red
        Red Stacked Logo
      • Slate
        Light Stacked Logo
    • Medals

      Use the following medals when you are prompted to upload a thumbnail logo only or profile photo. In most cases, use the OC Blue Medal. The Red Medal should only be used for holidays and special events (such as Thanksgiving, fall, or Christmas). The Navy Medal should be used memorandums or lighter bright colored backgrounds.

      • Blue
        OC Blue Medal
      • Red
        Red Medal
      • Navy
        Navy Medal
    • Badges

      You may also use badges as a profile photo or thumbnail. Badges should be used to accompany corporate sponsors or alliance partnerships on shared branding. Use the original OC Blue Badge in most cases, except the Red Badge for special events and holidays (Thanksgiving, fall and Christmas). The Navy Badge may be used with light backgrounds and bright colored backgrounds.

      • OC Blue Badge
        OC Blue Badge
      • Red Badge
        Red Badge
      • Navy Badge
  • Large Logos

    Use the Original Large Logo in almost all cases above 1 inch in height. The Red Large Logo is to be used in special events (such as Thanksgiving, fall or Christmas), and the Light Large Logo is to be used with dark backgrounds or bright colored backgrounds.

      • Blue
        Original Large Logo
      • Red
        Red Large Logo
      • Slate
        Large Unaccented Logo
      • White
        Large White Accented Logo


A block of the color Primary


A block of the color Secondary
A block of the color gray
A block of the color white
  • DIN Condensed Bold

    Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow!

  • Encode Sans

    Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow!