This page is designed to make a journalist's job easy in writing, blogging, or documenting Operation Code. Below you will find targeted information corresponding to common representative visitors, videos, photos, press releases, and branding details.

Code Schools

If your school has recently partnered with our organization and is seeking information to write about it in a blog post, we recommend joining our Slack team to receive personal recommendations from our members, many of whom have attended various coding schools - perhaps yours!

Partnered Organizations

We have long-standing, productive partnerships with some amazing companies, and yours could be one of them! Organizations that put our members and our open source work on a pedastal, can look forward to receive social media blasts and the appreciation of America's military veterans. If you are thinking about a partnership with Operation Code, but are unsure of what to offer our members, let's talk. If you're seeking information to display in announcing the partnership, please see below!

Media Outlets

The staff at Operation Code thank you for taking your time to represent us in your work. If your piece has a specific theme or target, and you'd like some custom contributions, please join our organization to receive a Slack team invite. There you'll likely find many Operation Code members willing and able to offer personal anecdotes and first-hand interviews!