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We're the largest community of military veterans, service members, and spouses committed to becoming software developers with the help of mentors, scholarships, and our tech partners.

We serve our veterans, service members, and their families, work alongside their journey through the tech industry, and help them thrive in their careers to code a better future.

Ali Cipolla-Taylor, Talent Acquisition at Microsoft

“I finished MSTA the last week of February, and then COVID hit. Employment was not going to happen…to anyone. I kept making calls, working on my skills, and throwing myself out there, and I got a role as a vendor at Microsoft. I’m half of the Data Privacy, Compliance, and Controls team for Talent Acquisition now. I had a lot of hard conversations with myself. I learned to lean into a support network, locally and online, through OpCode. I’m notoriously shy on the internet, but I knew that I couldn’t do this alone. Change happens when the discomfort of making the change is less than the life you’re living.”
Princeton Baker, Enterprise Security Analyst

“I am a Navy vet. I started at the US Navy Ceremonial Guard then to Norfolk to work on ship weapon systems to Miami then San Diego as a Corpsman. I struggled mentally when I first got out. I really had to dig deep and find who I am not what I think I am. I am not just a veteran or software developer or the annoying security guy. I think many veterans are looking for a title and a clear path. I found out quickly on this side of civilization you have to make your own path. I did a 16-week full time coding boot camp while full time in school with a wife and two young boys during quarantine. Right now I am an Enterprise Security Analyst for a payment company and I love it. It is my first role in tech.”
Jose Camilo, Full-Stack Developer

“I joined the Army in 2014 as an active duty Calvary Scout. In 2017, I left active duty to continue college and joined the Army Reserves as a Human Resources Specialist. Still serving in the Reserves now. I doubted myself a lot, wondering the type of role I should focus on, the type of tech/ tools I should learn. Starting courses that I would not finish, and starting projects that I would not finish. It sounds like I been training for 2 years to get to this point, but in reality, there were many occasions in which I did not code for weeks due to being overwhelmed and option paralysis. This was also around the time I discovered Operation Code. I am now a Full Stack Developer at UBS.”

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